'... Within the singularity of its characters and its setting, the novel presents profound lessons about happiness, sorrow, and fear.

Readers who enter "The Silver Mist" will emerge forever changed.'

Five Stars (out of Five)

- Jill Allen - ForeWord Clarion Reviews -

'Being different does not disqualify them from life's lessons. "The Silver Mist" follows Eve Hayes, a Down syndrome-afflicted individual who through meeting Esther, finds that in spite of her disorder, she has much to learn and is taken on a spiritual and enlightening journey.

Touching on spirituality and those with mental disabilities, "The Silver Mist" is a touching and unique read, highly recommended.'

Midwest Book Review - July 2011 - James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief -

"Poignant, emotive and superbly written ... stayed with me after turning the final page. A rare and highly commended read."

- Iain Edward Henn - author of The Delta Chain -

"Nothing trite here; Eve's story in Silver Mist is one of the most unique stories I've read. I recommend Silver Mist, especially for those looking for something a bit unusual. "

- Sammy Sutton - Sammy Writes Blogspot - 

"An amazing story ..."

- Zorina Alliata - author of Anamnesis and All Angels but One -

"Absolutely brilliant ... Martin Treanor will go far."

- Julian Oakes - Musician & Stand-up Comedian -



"A Damn fine read."

- Jonathan Maberry - multi Bram Stoker Award winner - commenting on ‘WHO’s CHARLIE’ -

"Really beautiful language, and delicate sentences with great rhythm. We really enjoyed the exploration; the story is focused and takes it's time. "

- Pyromantics UK - commenting on short story - ‘CLINTON’ -

"Yeah! Thanks to guys like Martin here, Horror is coming back with a Vengeance!!
What happened to horror with bite? It's been too long since we've seen really truly frightfully frightful stuff in novels... stuff that harkens back to the heyday of Horror before all the silly stuff got in the way -- from spoofs, to vampires that can make love to their girlfriends without taking a bite out of them. How silly is that?
Yeah rah for Martin."

- Rob Walker -

Robert W Walker - Bestselling author of the 'Instinct' and 'Edge' series, and 2006 hit 'City for Ransom' -

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